The Earl is Chudd Chudders friend and takes over the show when Chudd isn't there, and is also the co-host. He serves up glamour for the questions and does it with style and a smile.

Physical Appearance


UK Version

Presenting the most Celebrated to ever strut through Showtown, Ladies and gentlemen... THE EARL! In the world of Skatoony, Chudd may supply the questions, But Earl serves up the glamour. As laid-back as he is hairy, Earl is Chudd's best mate and Tony's main meal ticket. He may not do much on the show, but by thunder, He does it with a style and a smile!

NA Version

In the world of Skatoony, The Earl (aka Earl) is a glorious, hairy-chested god. Women want him and men want to be him. Making his home in the spotlight of success, Earl is beyond worrying about money or work. It's doubtful that Earl has a single care in the world. Somehow, he always gets what he wants and never stops to question why. The Earl and Chudd have a solid, symbiotic relationship. As long as Chudd is keen to work, Earl's happy to bring the glamour. (Description from here.)


  • Yeah!


  • The Earl is based off Tom Jones and James Fox's (creator) old boss at Cartoon Network
  • In Arabic, he's also known as "El Jagal"


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