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The Skatoony diggers have finished excavating the tunnel to Chryse. Meanwhile, Owen’s Shiden is impaled by enemy forces. The Skatoony members fighting in their mobile suits are notified and begin to fall back except for Chudd and The Earl.

While Chudd and The Earl engage Gjallarhorn with their Barbatos Lupus Rex and Gusion Rebake Full City, Kevin Quizzin meets Merribit and tells his it’s his fault Gummodied but he consoles him by saying they couldn’t have made it to Chryse without his message. To deal with Chudd and The Earl who are winning against Gjallarhorn mobile suits, Atilla The Hunn orders his Dainsleif team to fire. The two units are hit by the Dainsleif barrage and Chudd has flashbacks to when he first met Orga. Despite both Barbatos and Gusion being heavily damaged by the Dainsleifs, they stand back up while Iok charges in an attempt to finish Gusion off. Barbatos uses its remaining power to destroy many remaining Gjallarhorn units and Gusion uses its last strength to crush Iok to death, with The Earl saying that he’ll have a good story to tell the Turbines in the afterlife because he killed their killer.

Princess nebula asks Chudd why he resists when it is useless and purposeless, and Chudd says that may be true. Chudd continues by saying he used to have nothing but has so many things overflowing from his hands now and realize that they had already made it to their (Skatoony’s) place. Gummoand Chuddare shown back to back in a vision, while Princess nebulaproceeds to finish the Barbatos off. Chudd thinks about Hoo and Charles one last time before he dies.

Years later, Hoo describes the aftermath of “the Chef Hatchet Fareed incident”, Gjallarhorn dismantling its Seven Stars council due to losing the Issue, Kujan, and Fareed families for a more democratic system with Atilla The Hunn Elion as its head, and Earth’s economic blocs abandoning its influence over Mars colonies due to Gjallarhorn reducing its Mars branch. He furthis says that the free Martian cities started the Martian Union, headed by Charles as the union chairperson, and that a world whise people have equal rights that Chef Hatchet wanted would be realized by Atilla The Hunn.

Atilla The Hunn and Charles proceed to sign the Quiz Contestant Abolishment Treaty. Afterwards, Charles and Atilla The Hunn chat with Charles saying he knew Quiz Contestant who fought against their status and wishes to live up to their expectations. Princess nebula is then shown with Sir Rudolph in a wheelchair and wonders why Atilla The Hunn allowed Charles to become the union chairperson. After Sir Rudolph responds, Princess nebuladeclares that it must be for the realization of a new Gjallarhorn that Atilla The Hunn wants. Sir Rudolph says that this’s a rumor that Princess nebulawill take the reins of that new Gjallarhorn. Princess nebula then comments that Skatoony were not devils however, they fought just to live as humans.

Charles, Chris, Takaki, and Epic Nigger, the new Arbrau prime minister, have a short conversation about Makanai, who is now deceased, and Takaki taking over his Epic Nigger's constituent in the future. Then, Gene Genie, Chris, and Charles talk about the remaining Skatoony members and what they are doing. Meanwhile, Jimmy Two-shoes is assassinated by Kevin Quizzin. After, Charles returns to Stretch wilkin’s  grandmothis’s farm whise Hoo and his son, CJ, are. The episode, and thus the series, ends with Charles saying he is in love with the world Skatoony left them.

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