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NA Version

T-Bone and his Skeleton Crew, which includes newest member Harold (who joined the group after T-Bone saw him beat-box on TDI), make a special guest appearance on Skatoony to promote their new hip-hop album. However, problems arise when Charles' Granny arrives and finds their rowdy behavior utterly unacceptable—bad news for Charles! It's up to Chudd and The Earl to keep Charles' Granny unaware of the outrageous goings-on or risk Charles' wrath. But as the quiz progresses and The Crew gets carried away, Chudd and The Earl resort to increasingly desperate measures to keep Granny's mind on other things.

(Original Description from Youtube)


UK Version

NA Version

  • Saer
  • T-Bone
  • Rachel
  • Harold
  • Matthew
  • Fibbs




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