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Season 1, Episode 4
Pirates heading for Skatoony
Air date November 25, 2010 (NA)
Episode Guide
I Stink, Therefore I Am
Skeleton Crew in Da House


UK VersionEdit

NA VersionEdit

In honor of a pirate contestant's birthday, Chudd and The Earl attach giant balloons to the outside of the Skatoony Studios, causing the building to float off during the first round of game play. Suddenly the show is attacked by Sky Pirates who attempt to nab the Quiz Block, much to the delight of pirate-wannabe, Izzy from TDI. 

As the pirates attempt to drag the Quiz Block and its contestants from the studio and onto their ship, Chudd and The Earl have no choice but to conduct the second round during a tug of war at 12,000 feet! Playing on the pirate captain's pride, Chudd and The Earl convince him to compete in an all-or-nothing, high stakes Skatoony final, betting the prizes, the stolen contestants and the Skatoony Quiz Block. Will their gamble pay off?

(Original Description fromYoutube)





  • Chudders mistakenly reffers the first round as "Round Two".



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