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oy mate wanna go grab some cheeky nandos and play some fifa mate

NA Version

In the series premiere notorious international criminal mastermind Chudd Chudders comes out of hiding to reveal his new diabolical scheme. He hosts 3 children and 3 cartoon characters on his new quiz show. oddly enough the episode only features one round titled "the salad toss" in which executive producer charles la puck ejaculates onto a bowl of salad, the contestants are then forced to eat the entire bowl at gunpoint, whoever finishes last is killed.

(Original Description from Youtube.)

The Contestants

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  • Round 1: Sir Rudolph (6th place) and Jasmine (5th place) (Yellow and Pink)
    • Eliminated in Bang on or Bogus
  • Round 2: Owen (4th place) and Adea (3rd place) (Red and Green)
    • Eliminated in Draw what you hear and shout out when you know what you've drawn
  • Round 3: Princess Nebula (2nd place) (Runner Up) (Purple)
    • Eliminated in Hoo Flung Dung
  • Skatoony Quiz Champ Challenge (SQCC): Erin-Dina (1st place) Winner!!!! (Blue)

Earl's Halfway Deal

2 points for 20 seconds (taken)



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