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Princess Nebula, an air-headed medieval princess, makes her bid for fame as a contestant on Skatoony. But the simple act of discarding a snotty hanky has dire consequences when Chudd retrieves the hanky for his used used hanky collection. This causes the jealous knight Sir Rudolf to challenge Chudd to a duel. TDI's Owen become's nervous about the duel and, being a compulsive eater, decides to go to town on the Quiz Block. Chudd must defeat the Knight in order to get the show back on track and crown this week's Skatoony champ.

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The Contestants

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Round 1

Bang On or Bogus!

Round 2

Draw What You Know!

Round 3

Hoo Flung Dung!

Quiz Champ Challenge
Erin-Dina: 3 Erin-Dina: 2 Erin-Dina: 4

Erin-Dina: 10

Halfway Deal: 2 points for 20 seconds, Taken


Princess Nebula: 2 Princess Nebula: 2

Princess Nebula: 2

(Eliminated at 2nd Place)

Adea: 2

Adea: 1

(Eliminated at 3rd Place)

Owen: 3

Owen: 0

(Eliminated at 4th Place)

Jasmine: 1

(Eliminated at 5th Place)

Sir Rudolf: 0

(Eliminated at 6th Place)



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