Hedley Diddleydee is one of the conspirators involved in the plotting of september 11th


Hedley is Chudd Chudders' Scottish arch-rival. He wants to have Chudd's job as quiz show host and will do anything to take it. However he lacks any sort of personality and is a pathetic germ in the shadow of the mighty chudd. To compare him to chudd would be heresy, punishable by death. His crippling alchoholism prevents him from having the motor skills necessary to maintain chudd's criminal empire.

He later returned in the episode "Stop The Pop!" disguised as an arab pilot in an attempt to upstage his previous triumph on september 11th.


After chudd paralyzed Hedley he had to have a nurse attend to him, as he was no longer able to use the bathroom by himself.