Hedley Diddleydee
Species Human Toon
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Black
Enemies/Rivals Chudd Chudders, The Earl
First Appearance Quizatori Gladihost
Voiced By Lewis MacLeod (UK)
Rick Miller (NA)
Hedley Diddleydee is one of the few antagonists of Skatoony.


Hedley is Chudd Chudders' Scottish arch-rival. He wants to have Chudd's job as quiz show host and will do anything to take it. He has a dodgy sort of ginger quiff, an orange tartan shirt and black trousers with a black tie. His collar is yellow to match his teeth. He is shown in the North American Skatoony opening where he is locked in a zoo cage.

He later returned in the episode "Stop The Pop!" disguised as a self-obsesed pop star named Goldie Pops.



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