Chudd Chudders The main host of the show, Chudd is a small, bespectacled man. He often tries to keep control of the quiz, despite the best efforts of those around him. At the beginning of every show, he asks the audience "Has anyone seen my glasses?", the joke being that he is wearing them. he is voiced by Rupert Degas in the UK version and Jonathan Wilson in the North American version.

Physical Appearance

Chudd is a short character with two large teeth. He wears glasses and a blue-purple suit. 


Small, annoying, and obsessed with quizzing, Chudd is the ultimate and most lovable quiz show host the world has ever known. Endlessly enthusiastic, he loves his job, and is constantly striving to make the show ever more spetacular (with decidedly mixed results). Chudd strives to be the best game show host he can be, or least the weirdest.

(Description from here).


  • Chudders is based off of the late English comedian, Ronnie Corbett.
  • In Arabic, he's also known as "Professor Abu El Uraif"


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