Charles La Puck
La puck's reminder
The boss and director of Skatoony.
Species Human Toon
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Family CJ La Puck (Nephew), Unnamed Brother/Sister
Friends/Acquaintances Chudd Chudders, The Earl
Occupation Chudd and Earl's Bsss
Voiced By Jeff Lumby
Charles La Puck, played by Jeff Lumby, is the studio exec for Skatoony North America. Whenever he wants Chudd's attention, he screams, "CHUDDERS!"


A whistle-blowing, loud suit-wearing, cologne-reeking ex-hockey coach, Charles has it in for Chudd. Charles constantly interrupts the Skatoony action, blowing his whistle to inject his two cents. Charles is competitive and thrives on the thrill of quizzing. He will do anything to win, but is kept in line by Granny, as well as Chudd. On the outside, Charles is bossy, quick-tempered, and gruff, but on the inside? He's a big softie; he admires the competitive spirit of the kids. (Description from Here.)


  • Charles' last name, La Puck, refers to his previous career in hockey.


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